Market Study / Proposal

This is a movie we put together as part of a development proposal for downtown Mokena.  Often times two-dimensional drawings and data tables fall short of illustrating the vision and passion behind a project.  We are trained as artists and graphic designers to help give your project life in whatever medium is necessary (be it PDF files, display boards, framed renderings, marketing books or even videos).

Our development proposal for downtown Mokena also included a comprehensive market and feasibility study.  We have the privilege of working hand in hand with our sister real estate company which at times offers us insight into the building industry that is truly unique for an architecture firm of our size.  In this example, we used these resources to parse transaction data over the last seven years to identify a range of projected rental incomes and establish a multi-year trend to use in forecasting models.  This booklet illustrates the intense level of care and attention to detail that we give to our projects even before any drafting begins.

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